Walk-in Coolers/Freezers


PDF Variations Foamed-in-place urethane, laminated urethane, polystyrene, 4″, 5″ or 6″ panels, many construction differences. General Many walk-ins are similar. Once erected they look [...]

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Steam Jacketed Kettles


PDF Variations Direct steam, electric or gas self-generating, standard height or low-profile, many sizes with many options available. General Kettles are available from 1 [...]

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Shelving & Dunnage


PDF Variations Polymer, solid, louvered, wire, welded, chrome, zinc, epoxy coated, stainless steel, adjustable, cleanable. General The purpose for shelving is to maximize your [...]

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Serving Lines


Variations Typical serving lines are made up of various components, including tray stands, hot food serving units, cold food serving units (both ice cooled and mechanically refrigerated), Frost [...]

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Microwave Ovens


PDF Variations Output power ranges from 1000 watts to 3200 watts. Sizes vary from capacity for (1) ó size pan to (2) full size 12″ x 20″ [...]

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Ice Makers


PDF Variations Available in different sizes, from as small as 35# per day, which is used in consumer applications, to over 1000# per day. Also, there are [...]

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Heated, Proofer, Combination cabinets


PDF Variations Insulated or non-insulated, single sided or pass-thru, full length or dutch door, heated, proofer or both, stainless door or glass, stainless or aluminum construction. [...]

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PDF Variations Undercounter, door type, conveyor, flight type, pot & pan washers. General Note that the heading is “Dishmachines”, not “Dishwashers”. A dish machine’s [...]


Convection Steamers


PDF Variations Tabletop models, floor models, units with pressure boilers, units with atmospheric boilers, “connectionless” units, different capacities. General Convection steamers are used when [...]

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Convection Ovens


PDF Variations Half size, full size, stacked, cook & hold, high efficiency, extra deep, mechanical or electronic controls, interior and exterior finishes. General Convection [...]

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PDF Variations Wire carts, solid stainless carts, two or three shelf, polymer carts. Wire pan racks, aluminum pan racks, end-load or side-load racks, adjustable racks, either open [...]


Braising Pans


PDF Variations Table-top, floor mounted on legs or cabinets, tilting: either manual or electric, sizes from 10 gallon table top to 40 gallon floor mounted, gas or [...]

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Blast Chillers


PDF Variations Available in different sizes, 2 pan, 3 pan, 5 pan, 10 pan, reach-in and larger roll-in units. Some are as big as 5′ x 5′ [...]

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