CGA proudly partners with a wide range of stakeholders in the foodservice industry including:

At CGA, we add value to our customers by being a “solution provider.” We are not going to simply sell equipment and move on, it is our responsibility to educate the end user, consultant or dealer on the right piece of equipment by talking to them out method, application, preferences and other variables that will help make an informed decision that will increase efficiency and profitability. As the old saying goes, “people want to buy, they don’t want to be sold.”

In our industry, we focus on building relationships with our customers, and the end user is our focus. We support the end user by providing more after the sale support and training (if need be), offer more complete product education, conduct thorough demonstrations, recommend consultants to ultimately maintain and grow relationships.

Another crucial partner is our Consultants. It is our duty to the end user to provide timely and quality support to the consultants by asking questions on intent of the projects and to honestly provide the best solution, even if it is not something we can provide. It is also our responsibility to build consultants product knowledge, offer better technical info and use technology more to communicate better, to name a few.

Similar to consultants, in order to serve the end user the best we can, it is incumbent for us to support and educate our Dealer partners so they can be informed and prepared to present to their customers. This support includes product training, demonstrations and sales calls to name a few.

Our goal: customer satisfaction, our focus: end user. The keys to success in our business are simple, be honest with our customers and offer the right piece of equipment at a FAIR PRICE, which arrive ON TIME, WORK properly and to have are durable to withstand the tests of time. We are fortunate with all the lines we represent that all of the above are true which allow us to be successful.