Half size, full size, stacked, cook & hold, high efficiency, extra deep, mechanical or electronic controls, interior and exterior finishes.


Convection ovens, because of the fan induced air movement, cook about 20% faster than conventional ovens. Half-size ovens are typically only used when limited space requires. Single or double stacked, full size, standard or deep depth units are most common. Most manufacturers’ full size ovens have a capacity of five or six 18″ x 26″ pans at 10-13 rack positions. Some manufacturers have different quality levels of ovens. The more expensive ovens may have better airflow and more consistent cooking over all pans. Manual control units are most common, but many are now switching to electronic controls for increased control over results.


Major differences are in energy consumption, control packages, and finishes. Some companies’ full size ovens use 40,000 BTU of gas, some 60,000 BTU and others 80,000 BTU. With similar cooking capacity, these energy costs may be significant. Deep-depth ovens are only marginally more expensive, but have much more even browning characteristics. The control packages range from manual to electronic digital controls with recipe programming. Cook-and-hold ovens are normally not used in school foodservice, because most schools are not cooking and holding product for any length of time in the oven. They are normally used in hotels or restaurants to cook products, like prime rib, overnight. Some models have stainless steel interiors while many have porcelain interiors which aids in ease of cleaning.

Required Information

Space available and power requirements. No water or drain is required, but ventilation availability is required. Gas units must be located under a hood, while electric MIGHT be allowed outside the hood. Know the products and quantities to be cooked to be sure you have ordered enough oven. (Single or double)


There are many different brands of convection ovens on the market, and each of these brands may have as many as six different styles, sizes, efficiencies and cooking characteristics. Consult your dealer or sales rep to get their recommendations as to the latest features available.