Imagine the traditional way of preparing pizzas with ingredients littered all over the place, having you pace around to make just one batch of pizzas ready. Now imagine if you have a prep table, at the same time, a refrigerator that allows you to keep all your ingredients just as nearly close to each other as your eyeballs, in addition to other cool features. This is what the Continental refrigerator pizza prep table delivers to you.

The Continental refrigerator CPA68 68” prep table is such an amazing add-on to your kitchen for preparing Pizzas. One feature that quickly fascinates is its two full front doors and another half door where you can keep all your ingredients below.

It also has an insulation lid that guarantees that your ingredients are fresh all the time. And, just in case you want to monitor the temperature of the cabinet, a thermometer is subtly hanging for easy reading. Overall, its stainless design and 2” of polyurethane foam ensures that the equipment is well insulated and retains heat excellently.

Another unique feature is, at the top of it, there is a generous distribution of cooling fans, about a foot apart, which serves to cool the pans.

You also don’t need a separate space for piecing your pies together. With its 19” nylon cutting board situated on the table, you can easily make this happen.

The Continental pizza prep table is ergonomically friendly with its air vent slanted in an angle that allows for ease when you want to dispense food from the pans.

Depending on the volume of pizzas you prepare, an additional space may be a nice-to-have. The Continental prep table gives you an additional storage space that can accommodate a 12*20*6 pan. It’s located above the condensing unit mounted in the side with the door.

Make sure to also consider its power requirement. Typically, you’ll need a 115 V electrical connection to operate this equipment. It also has an electronic control with a digital display.

Pizza preparation just became more fun. Isn’t it? The Continental refrigerator pizza prep table is truly an innovation to your kitchen or pizza shop. You don’t want to miss out on these features, and many more that it has to offer.