CGA Reps ACF Chef Meeting

Welcome everybody, hopefully you guys had enough to eat and plenty of food one more round of applause to Chef Helmut and Chef Cedric.

We are a food service equipment rep group here in Atlanta. We’re actually just up the road.

We represent a number of lines that many of you are probably very familiar with. Metro prep make cart, the Mightylite pan carrier. I know some of you all have had a chance to pick them up and see how lite they are and how much fun they are. The Combi Oven by Angelo Po, a blast chiller by Irinox, again we encourage you all to put your hands on it, touch it, feel it, see it, some of you have been able to enjoy the margaritas. We’ve got two different kinds of machines there, Stoelting as well as Almico. And then on display we have a few other products around the room. We have a beautiful ice machine by Ice-O-Matic, slicers, mixers, pretty much anything that y’all would need back at the house.

So we’re all coming out here for the ACF meeting to mingle and have some food and have some margaritas so you should come out and join us next month because this is how we do it we have fun!

We would love to be able to have the opportunity of your business to consult with you and do whatever we can to help support your crazy world.

Again we want to thank you all for being here in the afternoon to support the ACF.

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