METRO SmartWall G3 Productivity System

“A unique storage and work station system for often underutilized wall space.”  Let’s start thinking of storage maximization in terms of cubic feet instead of only square feet.  In the ever changing kitchen design, we have seen smaller and smaller kitchen footprints.  Wall-mounted tracks are the foundation for attaching productivity stations with grids, accessories, and shelves.  By using a combination of shelving, grids, and accessories SmartWall G3 keeps areas cleaner and more organized.

Similar to a peg board system that we would use in a garage to organize tools, the SmartWall G3 Productivity System can keep these areas cleaner and more organized in the Food Service Industry:  Prep areas, above sinks, worktables, equipment, and bulk floor storage.  Accessories include:  hooks, baskets, spice racks, bins, utility shelves, and much more… other words, this is an NSF rated peg board system.

METRO High Density Storage – Top Track™

METRO is the leader in producing products designed to improve safety and efficiency in storage, transport, and food holding.  Every physical object occupies space.  The Top-Track™ High Density Storage System is the cost-effective way to build in a third more storage in the same amount of space.  By using the “active aisle” system, we can help you get a handle on your space management needs by creating an inventory system that’s simple and convenient for everyone.  It’s a way to condense storage at every point of access by sliding the system to create an aisle wherever you need it.  The unique top-mounted track eliminates the floor track, adds to the rigidity of the system (no movement of the system over time), and makes access by employees and carts easy.

METRO Holding Cabinets – “See how good a heated cabinet can be.”

METRO has the world’s most complete line of heat holding cabinets – METRO C5™.  It’s a unique holding cabinet line that features literally thousands of combinations of Series, Heights, Doors, Slides, and Accessories.  There are over 100 Energy Star models to choose from.  From our professional series cabinets that offer heat and humidity control, to our C5™R-Series Mobile Refrigerator, we have a holding cabinet that will fit any application.  The METRO C5™ Cabinet Line:  Control, Capacity, Configurations, Confidence, and Care.